Large Ensemble

  • Naya Jeevan
    Double Bass and Wind Band
  • Maya Beckons:   I Shall Embrace Her
    Orchestra and Electronics
  • Attack
  • Analog Dreams of an 8-Bit World
    Young Band
Chamber Ensemble

  • Black.Bird.Blue.Bye
    Flute and Clarinet
  • Aro Dreamscape
    Saxophone Quartet and Multichannel Electronics
  • All My Dreams Have Turned to Ash
    Viola, Tenor Sax, Guitar, Trombone, Percussion, and Live Multichannel Electronics
  • Satipatthana
    Mixed Ensemble
  • A Slow Unraveling
    Mixed Ensemble and Video
  • I Sing the Body Electric 7
    Mixed Ensemble and Electronics
  • Nearo
    Flute, Clarinet, Guitar, Violin, Cello
  • Bent
    Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, and Electronics
  • Five
    Oboe, Alto Sax, Viola, Cello
  • Courage Wolf is Wise
    6 Electric Guitars & Electric Bass

  • Aphorisms on Futurism
    Soprano and Electronics
  • Frozen Atmospheres
    Saxophone and Video
    (Available for purchase)
  • Rushing Toward the Singularity
    Soprano Sax (or Clarinet) and Video
    (Available for purchase)
  • Song Birds in Winter
    Piano, Live 8-Channel Electronics, & Video
  • Sound Timbre and Density III
    Flute and Video
    (Available for purchase)
  • Agni Sakshi
    Alto Saxophone (or Clarinet) and Electronics
    (Available for purchase)
  • Sound Timbre and Density I
    Double Bass and Electronics
Fixed Media and Intermedia

  • Sanctuary to Sea
    8-channel Fixed Media
  • Staring at the Sun
    4-channel Fixed Media
  • Bubolz Walk
    2-channel Fixed Media
  • The Way I See It
    Film Score
  • Korunga Maadu
    2-channel Fixed Media
  • Absence and Presence
    Collaborative Intermedia Performance