Digital copies of all works are available for purchase through Paypal. Physical copies for some scores can be purchased through J.W. Pepper. Please click on the title of a work for more details. If you are interested in further materials, please contact me directly.
Large Ensemble

  • Svara-lila
    Chamber Orchestra
  • Doubt
    Narrator and Orchestra
  • Shadja-maalika: Modal Illusions
    Wind Ensemble
  • Layaanjali
    Saxophone Ensemble
  • To Be Heard - NEW!
    Grade 4 Band
  • In Varietate Gaudium
    Grade 3 Band
  • Chroma Mosaic
    Grade 3/Grade 4 Band
Chamber Ensemble

  • Dviraag
    Version 1:Flute and Cello
    Version 2: Soprano Sax and Cello
  • Utthishta
    Flute and Piano
    Original Version: Expanded Flute and Piano
  • Bapu
    Flute, Clarinet, and Electronics
  • Parole Hearing
    Version 1: Soprano and Mixed ensemble
    Version 2: Soprano and Piano
  • Kalpitha
    String Quartet
  • Kaylvi
    Woodwind Quintet
  • Pareeksha - NEW!
    Violin and Cello
  • Janani
    Version 1: Saxophone Quartet and Piano
    Version 2: Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, and Piano
  • Keerthanata
    Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, and Electroacoustic Accompaniment
  • Tantrums
    Saxophone, Percussion, and Interactive Electronics
  • By the River Near Savathi
    Clarinet, Violin, Viola, and Cello

  • Dancing, Still - NEW!
    Solo Flute
  • Braiding
    Oboe and Electronics
  • Mercurial Reveries
    Solo Piano
  • Dyadic Affinities
    Solo Tuba and Electroacoustic Accompaniment
  • Infinite Ephemera
    Solo Guitar
  • Alone, Dancing
    Version 1: Flute and Electronics
    Version 2: Clarinet and Electronics